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Héctor González (top, 3rd from left to right) in Montreal with friends

and university classmates

Héctor González, thesist of Delphos Mine Planning Laboratory, was awarded a scholarship by the Government of Canada through the Canada-Chile Leadership Exchange Grant (LINK)

to carry out a research internship at the Polytechnique of Montreal, which was directed by the professor of the Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering, Dr. Michel Gamache.

Héctor did his internship between January 08th and July 02nd, 2019, when he returned to Chile to defend his master's thesis in mining. Below, we collect his comments regarding this experience:

How did the option to go to Canada come about?

The option came thanks to Professor Nelson Morales. He constantly asks about his students' interests and goals, and in face of my interest in going on an internship abroad, he offered and encouraged me to apply for an exchange scholarship.

What was the purpose of the stay?

The academic objective was to work in a foreign university on a topic according to my thesis. Although, I could also consider aiming to live the life experience outside of Chile and practicing another language.

Where did you go specifically, and who did you work with?

I went to the Polytechnique of Montréal in Canada. I worked under the guidance of Michel Gamache, an academic at the Polytechnique, and inspired Louis-Pierre Campeau, his Ph.D. student. I was received in one of the University's research laboratories, which had a complete infrastructure.

Two Delphos Mine Planning Laboratory members were recently qualified as Civil Mine Engineers of the University of Chile. Both successfully surrendered their title defenses to a committee of experts.

Héctor Alarcón Solís, whose title work was: "Simulation of the use of differentiated stockpiles for the implementation of energy demand management in SAG grinding," defended his work before a commission made up of Dr. Willy Kracht (Director and Professor of DIMin), the Mag. Javier Pérez (Codelco) and his guide professor, Dr.  Nelson Morales, director of Delphos Laboratory.   

For his part, Daniel Pedraza Castillo presented his work titled: "Simulation and comparison of the performance of office algorithms in open pit mining", with a commission consisting of Dr. Freddy Milla (UChile), the engineer Cristian Salas (NCL), and his guide professor, Dr. Nelson Morales.

Congratulations and best wishes for success to the new Civil Mine Engineers of the University of Chile!!!


 HAlarcon  DPedraza
From left to right: Dr Willy Kracht, Dr. Nelson Morales, Héctor Alarcón and magister Javier Pérez.   Engineer Daniel Pedraza

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During 04th and 06th June 2019, the 39th APCOM (Application of Operations and Computer Science Research in the Mining Industry) conference was held in Wroclaw, Poland. It should be noted that APCOM has become one of the most prestigious international forums to present, discuss and examine cutting-edge and emerging technologies in the mining industry to facilitate the advancement of the research methodologies of operations and computer science applied in the industry, with more than 50 years of tradition.

todos utalca

On Monday, June 17th, students of Civil Mining Engineering of the University of Talca accompanied by their professor, Dr. Manuel Reyes-Jara, visited the Delphos Mine Planning Laboratory and the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, at the University of Chile, within the framework of the elective course of advanced optimization, applied to mining. Thus, the students were able to know the Faculty, and the new facilities of the Laboratory, share with its members (researchers, rote students and theses, master's and doctoral), and know the different software that Delphos has developed.

EdV19 cierre 38

With great success, a high call and the final presentation of the projects developed by the eight interuniversity working groups ended the Second Delphos Summer School on mine planning, an activity aimed at undergraduate students of last years of careers related to mining and organized by the Delphos Mine Planning Laboratory, dependent of the Advanced Center of Technology for Mining, AMTC and the Department of Mining Engineering of the University of Chile.