On Thursday, August 29th, the Ph.D. student in Mine Engineering of Delphos Laboratory, Fabián Manríquez, satisfactorily took his qualification exam, with his preliminary draft thesis, entitled: Simulation-optimization methodology for short-term planning in underground mines, before a commission made up of Drs. Raúl Castro, Xavier Emery, and Nelson Morales.

During the 07th and 09th of August, the Sixth International Conference on Geology and Mine Planning, Geomin-Mineplanning 2019, an event organized by Gecamin and in whose organizational and technical committees participated the director of the Delphos Laboratory and deputy director of the AMTC, Dr. Nelson Morales, in addition to the senior researchers of the AMTC and academics of the DIMIN, Dr. Willy Kracht and Dr. Xavier Emery.

The event brought together professionals related to geological sciences and mine planning to exchange knowledge, experiences, working methods, and tools in a collaborative and multidisciplinary work environment.

Between July 22nd and 25th, researcher Dr. Nelson Morales and the Ph.D. student in Mine Engineering at the University of Chile, Fabián Manríquez, were invited to take a course at the Mine Planning Laboratory (LPLM), belonging to the Department of Mines (DEMIN) - School of Mines, of the Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP) in Minas Gerais, Brazil. The course titled "Mine Planning Based on Optimization and Simulation Model" was organized in conjunction with the Director of LPLM and Professor DEMIN-UFOP, Dr. Carlos Arroyo, who seeks "to provide new opportunities for DEMIN-UFOP students to share academic and professional experiences and acquire new knowledge".

On Friday, August 09th, the students David Meneses and Marcos Barboza defended their Master in Mining thesis, who successfully approved before the respective evaluation commissions, qualifying them both with maximum distinction.

First, it was the turn of David Meneses. He defended his thesis titled "Methodology for planning the production of open pit mines considering alternative plans" before a commission formed by Dr.  Mohammad Maleki (Professor of Northern Catholic University), Dr. José Delgado (professor and director of the Department of Mining Engineering, University of Antofagasta), Dr. Nelson Morales, as professor, and Dr.  Enrique Jélvez, as a guide professor.

 cropped gamache

Michel Gamache, Senior Lecturer and Researcher at the Polytechnique in Montreal-Canada, completed a short two-week stay at the Delphos Mine Planning Laboratory. This stay aimed to complete the publication of two articles collaborating with Dr. Nelson Morales and two students who made research stays in Canada, namely Pedro Sanhueza and Héctor González, thanks to the Canada-Chile Leadership Exchange Scholarships that these students obtained in 2018 and 2019, respectively.