Delphos Simulator (DSim) is a tool for discrete event simulation designed specifically for mining. This tool has a set of "Objects" or "Agents" that interact to give life to the operation of a mine. Thus, it is possible to estimate, using a reference plan, distributions of events and the interaction between these agents, key elements such as productivity of the transport system, cycle times, capacity production management, among others.


Mining Modeling

DSim is a development platform, which we are constantly adding different components of modeling.


Currently have built the basic classes that allow the simulation of mining operations in terms of:

  • Autonomous and conventional trucks
  • Loading equipment. Front End loaders and shovels (one two sides of load)
  • Conveyors Belt
  • Crushers
  • Structures of transfer of materials such as shafts or grizzlies.


DSim also allows the modeling of the material circulating in the mine, facilitating the creation of:

  • Extraction columns, sectioned by relevant attributes (example hang up frequency, grades)
  • Extraction polygons in a pit.

DSim allows combining the above elements conveniently. For example, it is possible to model the behavior of the material into a shaft, so that attributes (grade, granulommetry) of the extracted material is a function of the deposited and historical material.


A very powerful feature of DSim is its advanced model of routes based on segments.

  • The routes are imported from text files or DXF, linked automatically generating user-defined interferences.
  • Each route consists of multiple segments, which have custom attributes that can affect the behavior of an agent. For example, a section of a road can present additional interference that force slow the transfer.


DSim allows loading topographical DXF files and visualization of the simulation in order to allow the user to monitor simulation replicas and detect anomalous situations.

Here are some views of 3-D interface for simulation of an open pit mine using shovels and trucks.